How To Build A Toy Crusader Wood Shield

With the right plan, materials, and equipment, you can build this simple Wood Medieval Shield, as shown here. - Helping You Make Wood Work

  • Paper large enough to make a template
  • 1/2" Plywood: 2' x 4'
  • 1" x 4" x 12" Oak or other desired Wood
  • 1.5" Wood Screws; 4 pieces
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood Filler
  • Paint Poly

Step 1: Cut out the Shield Pieces - Determine the desired size of your Shield

  • Select the paper to make a template using the dimensions above and trace it upon the plywood
  • Select the 1/2" plywood; with a band saw, cut out the pattern
  • Select the piece of oak material; using the dimensions above and a bandsaw, cut out the Handle and Forearm Brace
  • Select the three pieces; sand all surfaces; with a router and 1/4" Round Over bit, round all edges

Step 2: Assemble the Shield Pieces - Select all pieces

  • Select Shield; using the dimensions above, drill the four screw holes (countersink the front side) for the Handle and Forearm Brace
  • Select the Handle and Forearm Brace; Center and predrill the "top" hole only of both pieces; attach them to the Backside of the Shield (screw heads are on the front side of the Shield)
  • Select the Shield with the two pieces attached by the top screws only; Position the "bottom ends" of both pieces; Predrill the "bottom" two holes; With screws, attach the bottom ends

Step 3: Finish the Shield - Select the finishing materials

  • Fill all holes and cracks with filler; sand all surfaces
  • Apply paint and medieval design of choice
  • Present it to your young knight

Copyright 2013 - Wayne Murray

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