How To Build A Coatrack

Here is a simple coat rack plan: - Helping You Make Wood Work

  • One Piece, 1 x 10 pine board @ 30"
  • 1/8 pound, Wood Screws @ 1"
  • 1/2" pegs
  • Sandpaper
  • Interior paint or polyurethane

Step 1: Cut the Piece to Size - Select the 1 x 10 x 30"

  • Crosscut the board to desired size
  • Copy the pattern, as shown above
  • Using a band saw, cut the board to size and sand, as shown above

Step 2: Drill Holes - Decide the Peg placement and mark the locations on the board

  • Drill 1/2" holes for the pegs, as shown above
  • Glue the pegs into place
  • Reinforce each peg with a screw drilled from the back of the board
  • Drill two, 1/8" holes, 16" on center to hang the coatrack, as shown above

Step 3: Finish the Coat Rack - Select the completed rack

  • Paint or polyurethane

Copyright 2013 - Wayne Murray

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