How To Make A Mission Style Plant Stand

With the right plans, materials, and equipment, you can build a Plant Stand, as shown here. - Helping You Make Wood Work

  • 1" x 12" x 6' Material of Choice (Pine, Oak, etc.): One Piece
  • Kreg Screws; 1/4 lb. KREG Pocket-Hole Screws at
  • 1 1/2" Wood Screws; 1/4 lb.
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood Filler and Glue
  • Satin Finish Polyurethane Poly

Step 1: Cut the Pieces - Determine the desired size of the Plant Stand

  • Select the 1" x 12" x 6' Material: Crosscut the Top, Lower Shelf, Stiles, and Rails per the dimensions above
  • Select the Top Panel and Lower Shelf: Using a Band Saw, round off the two, Front Corners of each
  • Select the Stile Piece: Rip six pieces @ 1 7/8" for the Stiles
  • Select two Stiles: Cross cut them to 14" for the Middle Stiles
  • Select the Rail Piece: Rip two @ 2 3/4" for the Top Rails; Rip two @ 2 1/2" for the Bottom Rails
  • Sand all Pieces

Step 2: Assemble the Pieces - Select the Plant Stand Pieces

  • Select the Pieces; Using the Kreg Pocket Hole Jig System KREG JigŪ K3 Master System at; drill the holes along the interior edges of the Pieces, as shown above
  • Select the Pieces for both Sides; Glue and screw Side Assemblies, as shown above
  • Select the Lower Shelf: Drill the Kreg Pocket Holes on the Bottom Side, as shown above
  • Select the the Side Assemblies and the Lower Shelf: Attach the Lower Shelf to the Sides with a 1/2" reveal on the back edge
  • Select the Top Panel; Center and connect it to the Side Assemblies with a 1/2" reveal on the back edge, as shown above

Step 3: Finish the Computer Desk - Select the Finishing Materials

  • Use Wood Filler for all holes
  • Complete all finish sanding
  • Apply a minimum of three coats of poly
  • Copyright 2013 - Wayne Murray

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